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June Lotzof was born in Johannesburg South Africa, in the turbulent time between the wars. During her youth, times were hard as it was for so many.  June learned from her teacher parents, that education was the one thing that can never be taken away from you. Her family struggled to have a standard of living beyond just survival.  June was a talented seamstress and inituitive designer, and supplemented the household income with her work.

Her career as an artist and cartographer came to a standstill after her marriage to Dr Len Lotzof, and their move to the Zululand border. June became a qualified couturier, and continued painting whenever possible.  The small family moved many times, and June became more and more aware of the bigotry and racism that her husband decried. She finally accepted the need to raise her children in an environment free of prejudice, and migrated to Australia.

Hard work and sound economies over the next 25 years, allowed June and Len to educate the family, and develop a public profile within their Sydney community and beyond. They travelled extensively during their retirement years together. Len passed away in 1997, and June continued to travel broadening her knowledge and art experience.  Every time she returned to Australia, she was more perturbed about the way Australia's history was not being preserved. She and Maureen published Len's book Spilt Milk- Exposing White Lies.  Copies of the book, and original works of art  by June, are available for sale at The Original Gold Rush Colony.

When Maureen approached June, to become her partner in Old Mogo Town, June had no hesitation.  June has been an invaluable bouncing board for expansionist ideas.  June's mother Rebecca Ostrowiak, had instilled in her daughter, that anyone can be taught to read, and everyone deserves to find a space where their talents can be recognised. This family tradition has continued with the  business philosophy and work environment created at The Original Gold Rush Colony, NSW South Coast which June visits regularly, delighting in the progress made by the talented and dedicated team headed by Maureen.

June markets what is now known as The Original Gold Rush Colony, through her extensive circle of artistic and charitable  institutions.

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